Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Zen Master Van Hanh

Zen Master Van Hanh was born in the resonance of Bach Dang victory, which opened the long time independence era of the nation.

Master was born in Co Phap village (now Bac Ninh Province, unknown date) and renounced at the age of 21 at present-day Tieu Son Temple.

During the early Le Dynasty, Master Van Hanh helped Le Dai Hanh defeat the Chinese invasion and stabilise the country.

Master forecast that the Le Dynasty would fall some day due to King Le Ngoa Trieu's cruelty and ignorance. Master also foresaw the signs that the Ly would thrive and replace the Le. Master endorsed Ly Cong Uan and campaigned for public support for Ly Cong Uan.

When Ly Cong Uan became king, Master Van Hanh played as a great assistant. Master was named National Master (Quoc su) and given the royal surname.

Van Hanh is a master in Buddhist studies and has a long term view, devoting his whole life to the national construction. He made great contributions in starting the Ly Dynasty and transfering the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long.

Master Van Hanh passes away in 1025, His relics are worshipped at Tieu Son Temple.

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