Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Temple of Literature destination of examinees

As a common practice, the Temple of Literature is the most popular destination of students ahead of any examination, in particular the university entrance exam.

Examinees rushed to the Temple to offer incense and pray for good luck.

Students visiting the Temple of Literature come from almost all provinces in the north of Vietnam.

Tuan from Hanoi told the reporter that he had touched the tortoise head and achieved good results in the high school final exam.

He believed that the old tortoises gave him good luck. This time, in the run-up to the important college entrance exam, he once came here in search of good luck.

Besides students, even pre-schoolchildren, who are to enter the first grade, also come here with their parents to look for good fortune.

When being asked, students said they are not superstitious but they still came to the Temple of Literature before the exam so that they feel better, more relaxed after days of stress.

Diep said: "I think the exam results mainly depend on our own efforts, visiting the Temple is just a means to relieve stress and refresh my self."

As observed thousands of students came to touch the old tortoises' head to pray for good luck.

Touching the tortoise before exams is believed to bring good luck to examinees.

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