Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hanoi to open underground by 2014

The Hanoi metro project is one of the biggest projects of Vietnam funded by Japan's ODA. The first metro route running from Nam Thang Long to Tran Hung Dao street is 11.5 km long. This route has 3.5 km going overhead and 8 km underground.

Mr Tsuno Motonori, head of JICA Vietnam, said the construction will begin in mid 2011 and complete by 2014. After a period of trial running, the metro will be put into official use in January 2016.

'The construction requires professional skills so safety overseeing is also of great importance.' he added and expressed hope that this metro will help ease Hanoi traffic congestion.

Mr Monotori said that this is the first underground in Vietnam, therefore after being put into use, Hanoi should have appropriate mechanism to operate it efficiently.

According to planning, Hanoi will have 4 urban metro routes constructed besides the Nam Thang Long-Tran Hung Dao routes. The remaining are Nhon-Hanoi Railway Station, Cat Linh-Ha Dong and Yen Vien-Ngoc Hoi.

The three latter routes are in the process of research and planning. However, there is difficulty in financing these routes.

It is expected that the completion of Hanoi metro will help improve traffic conditions in Hanoi.


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