Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cultural Day of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups begins

The Cultural Day of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups officially opens in Son Tay, Hanoi on April 18. The festival attracts more than 1000 artists from 29 provinces and cities.

This cultural day is not only a cultural event but also a landmark event leading to the Great Anniversary of Thang Long.

Since morning, thousands of visitors rushed to the cultural village to enjoy the festival atmosphere. Many were curious about what the ethnic groups were going to boast in this day. Those who came from afar brought cooked rice and bread to eat en route.

The traditional art performances attracted a lot of public attention. Ho Van Nhu, from the Van Kieu ethnic group said: "Our delegation has come to Hanoi since April 14, bringing here three performances Greetings to the New rice, Love Exchange and traditional costume performance. In three of them, Greetings to the New Rice is of most excellence, the whole village will slaughter a buffalo to offer to the gods from morningVi into the night."

Visitors had chances to meet girls and boys from different ethnic groups with a bit shyness. They were, however, very confident when performing on stage.

The "Dien Hong Cultural Festival" show will take place on an area of more than 1200 square metres in the hill foot, ending the cultural day on the evening of April 19.

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