Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ca tru performance at Heritage House

HANOI - A ca tru performance was given at the Heritage House at 87 Ma May street. This performance was given in celebration of the 12th UNESCO Forum - University and Heritage.

In an ancient atmosphere typical of Hanoi, audience enjoyed both peanut candies, green tea and beautiful voices of arists Bach Van, Nguyen Thi Sinh through famous ca tru like Hong Hong Tuyet Tuyet, Meeting the former singer.

At the performance, the audience are introduced to products of traditional occupational villages, singing art and instruments assisting catru. Besides, there are also talks by famous singers, researchers on ca tru.

After a time of near extinction, ca tru is being gradually restored. The performance left a good impression on both domestic and foreign visitors.

The programme ends at 9th April.

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